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Behin Kala is dedicated to procuring and supplying raw materials for diverse industries, providing comprehensive support for procurement processes, as well as sourcing and delivering domestic and international automotive parts for both light and heavy vehicles in Iran and around the world.

Supply & Chain


Raw Material Procurement

Providing sourcing and supply solutions for raw materials across various industries.


Light Automotive Parts

Procuring and delivering high-quality parts for light vehicles.


Heavy Automotive Parts

Sourcing and supplying reliable parts for heavy vehicles.

“Trusted Partnership for Your Business”

our Motto


Providing innovative solutions along with value creation and constructive trust, with the cooperation of all human resources and a dynamic organizational culture.

We are sensitive to the satisfaction of our customers and our goal is to facilitate their purchase and investment processes. By providing the best services, creating value and improving the capital of our customers, we try to make them more comfortable, providing peace of mind to do their business and earn profit; Also, by supporting the processes of purchase, transportation and clearance, we want our customers to have the goods in-hand, with the most suitable conditions and in the shortest possible time for their business activities.

Organizational values


Our customers can trust our quality, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity; Because by focusing on honesty and keeping the customer's secrets with an experienced and expert team, by providing a superior value package and decent service, according to the needs and expectations of the customers, we have provided them with peace of mind, comfort and confidence and a pleasant experience. The trust of our customers, colleagues and all stakeholders is the basis of our success.


We are always trying to renew and transform processes and methods for continuous improvement and progress.


Providing active and effective support to customers and colleagues is our main priority.

Human Capitals:

Our employees are like family members and one of our valuable assets. With appropriate training, improving the level of knowledge, creating a friendly atmosphere, satisfaction and empathy of the employees, we can provide our services and values above the expectations of the customers and the industry. We always consider their needs and demands and try to fulfill them. It is with their participation and help that we are successful and we know that ‘a good company means good personnel’.

Customer Centric:

The customer is the best event in our company; We respect and value them a lot, and we make it our priority to meet their obvious and hidden needs. By showing warmth, kindness, efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and honesty in our work, we will provide a pleasant and flawless experience to our customers; because we are eager for every customer, we will listen to them and by creating a sincere relationship with them, we can meet their requirements; because ‘every customer is a story to tell, an idea to develop and a challenge to share’. That's why we don't stop trying until we get their satisfaction, happiness and loyalty. Because we believe that ‘if a person does not care the customer, does not care at all’.


With continuous practice and effort, we insist on training and updating ourselves and will do our best to be the best and the best in all areas, including innovation, technology, quality, service and price, and always moving forward. We take steps towards continuous improvement.


Our goal is to provide special and unique value to our customers by providing quality services; so that we can meet the needs of customers in the best way.


Promoting transparency and providing clear information to customers and colleagues, under any circumstances, is placed at the top of all our processes.


As a responsible company, measuring performance and accepting social responsibilities is one of our priorities.


As a basic principle, respect for colleagues and customers, the environment and social values are the bases our decisions..


We are one soul in the form of a team, by encouraging each other, creating motivation and a cooperative and synergistic approach, we make it possible to achieve the set goals. We consider responsibility, being open to criticism and listening to each other's opinions to be necessary for success. While focusing on providing superior value to stakeholders, we will do our best to create and maintain favorable transactions with clients and the market in order to be respected and trusted by stakeholders and even our competitors.

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"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

our Services

Behin Kala Company's activities are currently focused on the Middle East and Eurasia. This company is expanding its services to the west.

Among our trading services is finding reliable sources of quality foreign goods. In this way, you send the information and specifications of the product you are considering for import to the experts of our team. Our business consultants, having the experience of working in China or other countries and having a detailed knowledge of these markets, find the best and most suitable product at a competitive price and purchase it for you from the main seller.

Product inspection is an essential part of quality control and supply chain process. Product inspection allows you to ensure the quality of products at different stages of the production process and before shipment. Inspecting your order before it leaves the manufacturer’s place is an effective way to prevent quality problems and prevent disruptions in the customer supply chain.
Behin Kala’s inspectors can inspect and check your product to determine the desired quality and compliance with the international standards of the destination market, based on the details of the order.

As you know, importing goods is one of the main areas of international trade and commerce. The need for experience and mastery of international trade regulations is why importing and exporting goods has turned into a specialized field. Behin Kala, with its experience in the field of import, is your companion on this path.

  • Selecting the country of origin and finding the desired goods to import
  • Requesting Pro-forma Invoice
  • Referring to an insurance company and getting an insurance policy for goods transportation

The provision of warehousing services by commercial companies is very important for their customers. Therefore, Behin Kala Company has met the need of respected traders and importers for warehousing services by establishing temporary depot warehouses located in UAE (Jebel Ali Free Zone), China (Gwangju) and Tehran (Parand Industrial Town) of Tehran with total area of 10,000 square meters.

Door-to-Door service is the process of sending products from the factory of the manufacturer, to the warehouse of to the customer’s warehouse at the destination. Basically, in door-to-door services, several transport systems are used in a combined form so that the goods are moved from the origin to their destination in the best route and in the shortest possible time. Providing Door-to-Door

Importing goods from different sources and countries requires being aware of the regulations of the country of origin. The customs regulations of countries are constantly changing; Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the latest updates in customs regulations and procedures of different countries, in order to speed-up import processes; because solving legal problems in the customs office requires time and affects the supply time of goods. Almost all import cases end in sales, and any delay due to lack of knowledge of up-to-date regulations and procedures will lead to delays in the business processes and the cashflow of the customers.
One of the permanent activities of Behin Kala Company is to review the latest changes in the customs procedures of different countries. This enables us to provide the best services to our customers in the shortest possible time. To learn more about this process, we suggest you read the product clearance page of Behin Kala Company.

From the point of view of professional trading companies, providing detailed advice is the first step to understand the real needs of customers and create a successful business experience for them. Therefore, Behin Kala Company is always improving the quality of its services according to customer needs and providing expert advice. Our consultations are carried out by experienced and specialized consultants and experts and include the following areas:

  • Specialized and comprehensive consulting in the field of various foreign trade activities

  • Specialized advice in the field of customs affairs such as clearance of goods, determining transportation costs, checking the legal tariff of costs, etc.